An Overview of Metallic Stearates for PVC Applications

Have you ever wondered what makes your plastic pipes so smooth and your window profiles so lustrous? It isn’t a magic trick – it’s the influence of metallic stearates.  These additives play a crucial role in keeping the PVC world running seamlessly, contributing to the polished finish, consistency and overall quality of various products.

So, what are these metallic stearates for Polymer Applications anyway? 

Metallic stearates are metal soaps formed by the reaction of metal salts with 18-carbon chain fatty acid, known as stearic acid. The process of creating metallic stearates involves substituting the hydrogen in stearic acid’s carboxylic group with a metal cation. 

This metal cation is derived from various sources, including direct metal, metal oxide, metal hydroxide, as well as metal sulphates and chlorides. These metal cations can include calcium, zinc, magnesium and aluminium. 

Metallic stearates are commonly used as lubricants, release agents, and stabilizers in various industries such as plastics, rubber and paints.

Metallic Stearates play several crucial roles

  • Lubrication.

Good for lubrication, metallic stearates reduce friction during processing. This leads to smoother operations, less wear and tear of equipment, better finished products and an overall more efficient production process.

  • Prevents Degradation

Metallic Stearates have a relatively higher melting point. It develops a lubricating interface and prevents the degradation of materials, especially PVC. This maintains the strength and performance of the product, even in highly demanding applications. 

  • Maintains Integrity of PVC Products.

Particularly in the plastics industry, metallic stearates prevent polymers like PVC from sticking to molds and dies, ensuring easy release, reducing porosity and maintaining the integrity of the final products.

These properties allow its use in a wide range of applications, from simple plastic components to complex structures in several industries such as Plastics & Rubber, Building & Construction and the Paints & Coatings industry.

But the story doesn’t end there. Each metallic stearate has its own set of advantages, making them essential additives in their respective industries.  

  • Calcium Stearate

This lightweight PVC processing aid provides excellent lubrication properties, improves processability and adds volume to PVC formulations.

  • Zinc Stearate

This metal stearate acts as a heat stabilizer and an anti-blocking agent, ensuring a consistent quality of production output.

  • Barium Stearate

This high-performance metal soap is ideal for high-speed processing and boasts excellent heat resistance.

  • Aluminium Stearate

It serves as a vital component for achieving uniform dispersion of pigments within plastic formulations, enhancing colour consistency throughout the formulation. 

  • Sodium Stearate

This additive is often used as an emulsifying agent and a thickener in various industries. It helps stabilize mixtures of oil and water, enhancing the consistency of formulations.

  • Lead Stearate

(Use with caution considering environmental regulations) 

The ultimate lubricant that offers unmatched smoothness and can prevent PVC from breaking down under high processing temperatures. 

Our range of metallic stearates

In summary, metallic stearates go beyond being mere additives for processing – they form the essential foundation for creating top-notch PVC products. 

The key lies in selecting the right stearate tailored to your specific application, and that is where our expertise comes in. We are here to help you navigate the world of PVC additives and find the perfect blend for your needs.

At Rewa Stabilizers & Lubricants, we specialize in providing metallic stearates and powder lubricants for PVC applications according to your specifications. 

As India’s premier metallic stearates manufacturer, our new-age production facilities enable us to deliver high-quality metal stearates. Rigorous quality checks are integral to our process, reflecting our commitment to producing premium metallic stearates in the PVC industry.

Contact us for the best quality metallic stearates for your PVC applications.

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